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The Challenges of Today’s Breast Conserving Surgery

Introducing The Breast Cancer Locator System (BCL™ System)

Reimagining Breast Conserving Surgery by Operating Precisely

The Breast Cancer Locator™ System (BCL™) is a proprietary, patient-specific, 3D-printed surgical guidance system designed to achieve clear margins.

The BCL™ (Breast Cancer Locator)

Every breast cancer tumor is unique. The tumor location, size, shape, depth and edges are difficult to identify with precision during surgery. Our BCL™ is designed to overcome these challenges.

The Visualizer™

The Visualizer™ provides an interactive 3D view of the area surrounding the tumor of the patient in the supine position – the same position the patient is in on the Operating Room table.

For the first time, surgeons are using 3D visualization to localize and direct total breast cancer tumor removal.

Experience the Visualizer™

Use the right mouse button to rotate and the mouse scroll wheel to zoom. Experience is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Operating Precisely

It has been said that “simplicity” is the ultimate sophistication. To deliver an elegant solution requires complex analysis to understand the underlying challenges. In essence, it takes a lot of effort to make something simple.

Precision Engineered Design

The BCL™ System significantly reduces or eliminates guesswork regarding tumor size, shape, and location by providing a blueprint of the tumor and a surgical guide, thereby increasing precision in breast cancer surgery.

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