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Surgical Perspectives

The Challenge

Current localization techniques used before surgery (wires and implantable seeds and tags) provide very little information about tumor size, shape, edges, or margins, which can make precise tumor excision more difficult.

The Solution

With Cairn Surgical’s BCL™ System, surgeons can identify the entire tumor before the surgery based on a supine (patient lying face up) MRI and 3D visualization model. Our groundbreaking Visualizer™ and BCL™ devices provide an accurate 3D view of the tumor’s shape, size, and location before surgery, enabling physicians to operate precisely.

First volume-based 3D interactive guidance tool

BCL™ and Visualizer™ provide patient-specific guidance

3D guidance to detect location, size, and shape of tumor – superior to single point guidance

Experience the Visualizer™


Wires in center and surrounding the tumor

BCL™ provides excellent in-vivo guidance

To identify the tumor plus clear margin – superior to a single wire or seed


Images taken in surgical position

BCL™ is derived from the right vantage point

Images that inform for the surgical position – unlike mammograms and prone (patient lying face down)

What Sets the BCL™ System Apart



Addressing the needs of every patient and unique tumor shapes. Our breast cancer locator is molded to the actual shape of a patient’s breast which enables the surgeon to place the markers and accurately bracket the tumor.

Improved patient comfort

Improved patient comfort

Markers are placed while patients are under anesthesia. Patients don’t experience the typical pain associated with traditional wire localization procedures.

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

The CairnSurgical BCL™ system consists of the BCL™ and the Visualizer™. With our system, there are no additional capital expenditures for medical equipment and no need for a different procedure where the radiologist places a wire or a seed.

3D pre-op surgical plan

3D pre-op surgical plan

The Visualizer™ guides the surgeon to the precise tumor boundaries and margins, helping establish an accurate surgical plan.

3D visuals during surgery

3D visuals during surgery

From the supine MRI data, Cairn Surgical creates The Visualizer™ - an interactive a web-based program that depicts a 3D model of the tumor, which can be adjusted by the surgeon to show the shape of the tumor through various specific views identifying dimensions, tumor location, and a darker boundary around the tumor that represents a 1 cm margin. The Visualizer™ also features measurements of the distance from the chest wall to the tumor and from the skin surface to the tumor. The Visualizer™ can be used for pre-planning ahead of surgery and serves as a reference during the surgery.

Seeks to minimize healthy tissue removed

Seeks to minimize healthy tissue removed

A lumpectomy is entirely successful when a surgeon achieves clean margins around the excised tissue. Clean in this context means that the tissue on the surface of the specimen contains no cancer cells. This is challenging to accomplish since surgeons are rarely guided by the kind of intraoperative imaging (MRI) that would allow them to clearly see the tumor. To increase the odds of success, some surgeons sometimes shave off an additional millimeter around the tumor for good measure, but that doesn’t guarantee clean margins. The BCL™ and the Visualizer™ provide surgeons a more accurate view of the tumor before, during and after surgery greatly increasing the chance of delivering clean margins and thus, better post-operative breast preservation & cosmetic outcomes.

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Physician Testimonials

Dr. Jennifer Gass

Chief of Surgery, Women & Infants Hospital, RI
Professor of Surgery, Brown University

Dr. Brian Czerniecki

Chair, Department of Breast Oncology Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. Sarah Pesek

St. Peter’s Health Partners Albany, NY