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Operating Precisely

The word “cairn” is Gaelic and represents a tower of stones built by different cultures throughout history for one purpose – to serve as a guide or landmark to keep travelers on course and to memorialize important places.

Cairn Surgical found inspiration in this concept for its singular purpose – providing tools that enable surgeons to operate precisely – directing them to the exact location and tumor landmarks to improve surgical and patient outcomes.

The Cairn Surgical Story

Cairn Surgical Team

Richard Barth Jr., MD

Co-Founder, CMO

Venkat Krishnaswamy, PhD

Co-Founder, CTO

Keith Paulsen, PhD


George Bourne


Timothy Moore

Senior Director, Research and Development

Misty Fox

MRI Specialist

Jodie Ploetz

Senior Director, Clinical Operations

Farzeen Christie


Dax Mitchell, MS

R&D Software

Michael Jermyn, PhD

R&D Software

Melissa Clark


Charlie Ladd


Jim Culhane

Manufacturing Operations

Brook Byrd


Lori Kaufman

Clinical Educator - Surgery

Cairn Surgical Board Of Directors

Jake Reder, PhD

Board Member CEO and Co-Founder, Celdara Medical

Mick Sawka

Board Member Investment Advisor, Morningside Ventures

Aaron Kaplan, MD

Board Member Professor of Medicine, Giesel School of Medicine